First “Explore and enhance your mobility” workshop

I am very grateful to all my participants for part-taking and providing feedback. There will be another one next Tuesday 19/12/2023 17.30 hrs at Realm Chiropractic, Cupar. If you wish to attend do get in touch I still have a few spaces left.

Following up on yesterday's workshop I promised to supply some links to practice CARs and PAILs and RAILs which I would also like to share here:

Functional Anatomy Semiars (FRC body)

Dr Andreo Spina (founder of FRC) podcast:

What is PAIls & RAILS

Hip Abductions PAILSs & RAILS

SI joint PAIls & RAILs:

Wrist extension PAILS & RAILS

Wrist flexion PAILS & RAILS

Fingers PAILs & RAILs:

Shoulder internal rotation:


Knee internal rotation PAILs & RAILS:

Dorsiflexion PAILs & RAILSs:

I hope you will all have some fun with these videos. Please get in touch with any questions or feedback.