January has been a challenge- has it really?

When I visited my yoga studio; Heartspace for the first time in 2024 there was a bit of a buzz about the January challenge: 25 classes in January. In five years I never entered this annual challenge because I did not think I could manage.

I was encouraged by others and put my name down and today 10.15 am I have completed 25 yoga classes.

I am honoured to teach yoga, one class at Heartspace Barre 11.30 am each Sunday and another 8 per week at 3DFitness and Realm Chiropractic, until today I also taught 32 classes in January.

I had envisaged this exercise to be exhausting, but quite the opposite is true, my body feels nourished, my mind is at peace and I feel so enthusiastic about yoga (practising and teaching).

If I join classes for my own wellbeing and fun I very often turn to my favourite teachers, above all Alan Lambie and Evy Koutzas. To complete this challenge I ended up attending a variety of classes I had never been to or do not go to on a regular basis (for all sorts of reasons).

During this challenge I really enjoyed Min's, Patricia's, Rachel's and Sarah's classes. I have learned a lot about myself and feel inspired to add my newly gained knowledge to my own classes. I have also been able to do a few exercises I could nor master beforehand.

The challenge maybe over, the journey it not.

What I enjoyed most of all is that each teacher has a different style but all of them had to offer so much.

Thank you to every one of you who taught in January!