Control yourself !!!

In December I held two workshops on Functional Range Conditioning FRC, which is part of the Functional Range System FRS (<-click on the links for more info). We explored predominantly CARs (Controlled Articulated Rotation), which some of the participants incorporated into their daily routines and found beneficial.

There is a lot more to FRC than just "rotations' so in January we got together again to practiced our CARs and added in some PAILs & RAILs (Progressive and Regressive Angular Isometric Loading). These exercises stretch to your end range for a 2 min stretch, you then engage your muscles to push against the stretch for 15 second, after which you try to go beyond your original stretch with your own muscle power, again for 15 seconds.

There will be one more session next week Tuesday at Realm Chiropractic at 6 pm (£12 per person), get in touch if you wish to come along (You do not need to know anything about FRC or FRS)

CARs 10 mins of your day every day!

More CARs

Click on this to explore more PAILs & RAIls:

FRC You Tube for you

FRC aims to explore and enhance your mobility in a safe and mindful (controlled!!!) manner.

It teaches you to look after yourself.

I have below added videos of some of the exercises we have attempted: