“Explore and enhance your mobility” FRC influenced class.

In December I hosted two FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) workshops at the lovely venue of Realm Chiropractic (52 Crossgate, Cupar KY15 5HS) based on those there will be three trial one hour classes on:

9th January 2024 18 hrs £ 12 per person

16th January 2024 18 hrs £12 per person

23rd January 2024 18 hrs £12 per person

As this is a trial you can get two sessions for £12 or all three for £24

"Explore & enhance your mobility" FRC influenced class
New mobility class in 2024 FRC influenced

This class is indicated for all levels of fitness/mobility. The 1hr class will begin with a warm-up incorporating CARs (Controlled Articulated Rotation), followed by a flow based work sessions, which will introduce you so some PAILs & RAILs (Progressive/Regressive Angular Isometric Loading) and will conclude with a cool-down with stretches

What is FRC?
Functional Range Conditioning is a training system which applies scientific methods to acquire & maintain:
-> Functional Mobility
(articular strength & neurological control)
-> Articular Resilliance 
(increased tissue load bearing capacity-> Injury prevention)
-> Articular Health and Longevity

This class will enable to work your CARS on daily basis (or however often you find time for them) and work on enhancing your mobility by strengthening within your range and beyond.


£12 per class. This is a three week trial so there is a special off to buy 2 sessions for £12

From mid February I will add Kinstretching to the class.

You can buy blocks:
x 4 Block £40
x 6 Block £54
x 12 Block £98
x 18 Block £126 

Wee personal note:

Some years back I injured my shoulder while trying to jump on my mare. I had quite a bit of help rehabilitating my shoulder including the Realm Chiropractic Team but also from a yoga teacher, Evy Koutzas, who is also a FRC mobility specialist. She initially introduced me to CARs which were to play a key role in healing my shoulder in such a way that my shoulder mobility is now the best I ever had. An interesting discovery at 52 years old!

Inspired by this I went to London in November 2023 to learn how to become a FRC mobility specialist myself. I am so convinced by the system that I have already enrolled for the Kinstretch course in February 2024, after which I will add Kinstretch to the mix for this class.