New Year’s Resolutions?

Are you already contemplating all the good things you will do in 2024?

If you do add this one to the list:

"Explore and enhance your mobility"

Tuesday 12/12/2023 17.30 hrs to 19.00 hrs at Realm Chiropractic, Cupar this event is free but you will have to book

FRC Workshop 1hr 30 mins

What is FRC?

Functional Range Conditioning is a training system which applies scientific methods to acquire & maintain:

-> Functional Mobility

(articular strength & neurological control)

-> Articular Resilliance 

(increased tissue load bearing capacity-> Injury prevention)

-> Articular Health and Longevity

1.) The workshop will begin with CARS (controlled articulated rotation) exercises involving all joints to assess the current range/mobility (or even hypermobility in case of very flexible participants).

We will practise those a number of times aiming to increase the range each time.

2.) Demo on passive range increase

3.) Based on CARS findings some exercises of PAILS & RAILS (Progressive & Regressive Angular Loading)  possibly as pairs. 

4.) Discussion and homework

-> Full set of CARS (see below) and specific PAILS &  RAILS exercise (filmed if time allows)

After this workshop you will be able to work your CARS on daily basis (or however often you find time for them) and work on enhancing your mobility by strengthening within your range.