Mobility over all

I love to move and playing with my physical limits. I am not the most mobile and very certainly not the most flexible person.

However, I am mesmerised how much and how quickly I can improve my mobility by simply practicing yoga, Barre and exploring other exercises, such as calisthenics.

I am even more delighted if I can practice with my clients and experience first hand how they increase their mobility, balance, strength and stamina. It is pretty magic but above all I would like to assist everybody to explore mobility as safely as possible.

A fellow yoga teacher introduced me to Functional Range Systems (FRS) and helped me to unlock access to my right shoulder range. I was intrigued and it took me till the first weekend in November to sign up to and participate in a Functional Range Conditioning course.

Hunter Cook (Hunter Fitness) at the FRC Seminar in London 4th & 5th November 2023

I am so very happy that I did as FRS indeed provides a very safe system to assess clients' (or your own) mobility with Controlled Articulated Rotation (CARS) and based on this the creation of a safe tailor-made program to enhance mobility and train strength in mid but also end ranges.

This does include, vital for a yoga teacher, strength training for hyperflexible bodies. So, yoga is now even more so for EVERY BODY (at least in my world).

FRC Seminar London

I have already exposed a number of you to some play about with CARS.

As I am very much at the beginning of my journey with FRS please do get in touch if you wish to work expanding your mobility, range and strength. CLICK HERE TO GET IN TOUCH.

Hunter Cook (Hunter Fitness) at the FRC Seminar in London 4th & 5th November 2023

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